Jan. 27 C++ review/Inheritance
Jan. 29 Polymorphism/Exceptions Planning, C++ Review, OOP, Exceptions
Feb. 3 Recursion Recursion PA1 out
Feb. 5 Snow day!
Feb. 10 Recursion PA2 out
Feb. 12 Quiz 1;
Searching/Complexity analysis
Complexity & Searching PA1 due
Feb. 17 No class—Presidents day
Feb. 19 Sorting Sorting
Feb. 24 More sorting PA2 due
Feb. 26 Exam 1
Mar. 3 Data structures and ADTs; Lists/Vectors Data structures and ADTs
Mar. 5 Vectors/Linked Lists; Exam 1 Extra Credit Due: get the code from last class to compile; implement isEmpty() and size() for Vector
Mar. 10 Linked lists HW1: Lists due
Mar. 12 Linked HW2 due: implement add() method of SinglyLinkedList (submit on Canvas, no late days)
Mar. 18, 20 No class—Spring break
Mar. 24 Stacks and Queues Stacks and queues HW 3: Linked Lists due; Questions for reading due
Mar. 26 Quiz 2;
Stacks and Queues
Mar. 31 Trees Trees HW 4: RPN due
Apr. 2 Binary Search Trees BSTs HW 5: Trees due
Apr. 7 Binary Search Trees HW 6: BST insert due
Apr. 9 Exam 2
Apr. 14 Binary Search Trees
Apr. 16 Hash tables Hash tables
Apr. 21 No class—Patriots day
Apr. 23 Hash tables
Apr. 28 Quiz 3; Hash tables
Apr. 30 Graphs Graphs HW8 due
May 5 Graphs HW9 due
May 7 Graphs
May 12 Review
May 14
Final Exam
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Programming Assignments and Homeworks

Each programming assignment is worth 10 points. They will be listed below as they become available.

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Lecture Notes/Resources

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Basics/CSC160 stuff

CSC161 stuff

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