Unless otherwise noted, all homework and projects are due by the beginning of class on the day listed.

Jan. 26, 28 HTML + Server side basics HW1; MP1
Feb. 2, 4 Server-side state HW2; MP2 Quiz 1
Feb. 9, 11 Client-side state HW3 Quiz 2; MP3
Feb. 16, 18 Authentication No Class Quiz 3; HW4; MP4
Feb. 23, 25 RESTful APIs Exam 1 HW5; MP5
Mar. 2, 4 AJAX HW6; MP6 (Skeleton of all the functions) Quiz 4; HW6; MP6 (full thing)
Mar. 9, 11 Single page applications;
HW7; MP7 Quiz 5
Mar. 14–22 No class—Spring break
Mar. 23, 25 Databases HW8; FP1 Quiz 6; MP8; FP2
Mar. 30, Apr. 1 Advanced jQuery Exam 2 HW9; FP3
Apr. 6, 8 Security HW10; FP4 Quiz 7
Apr. 13, 15 Testing/Debugging HW11; FP5 Quiz 8
Apr. 20, 22 Advanced topics No class Quiz 9; HW12; FP6
Apr. 27, 29 Review FP7 Exam 3
May 4 Wrapping up FP8; FP9 No class
May 8 Final Presentations—3:30–5:30 in LSB 312
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Most Wednesdays will begin with a short quiz, mostly concentrating on the material covered the previous week. Paper notes may be used, but no electronic resources. There will be no quizzes during weeks with exams. Not all quizzes will necessarily be graded.


Each week there will be a short homework, which might also be combined with a reading from the Web. This will be administered via Canvas. Not all homeworks will necessarily be graded. These are usually due before the start of class each Monday (see the schedule for due dates).

Mini-projects (MP)

Mini-projects (MPs) are short programming assignments. While all assignments are listed at the beginning of the semester (so theoretically you can work on them as early as the first week of class), the relevant material will be covered Wednesday of the week prior to when the MP is due, giving you just under a week to complete it. Since MPs are quite small in scale, this should not present a problem. Not all mini-projects will necessarily be graded.

Up until Spring break, MPs are due most Mondays, but sometimes Wednesdays, before class. Most Monday meetings will be largely dedicated to presentations by students of their work. Student presenters will be announced the day of, and therefore everyone should come prepared on Monday to present.

Here is a full listing of the MPs:

Final project (FP)

The Final project (FP) consists of several milestones. After spring break, MPs will be replaced with FP milestones. Here is a listing of all the milestones:

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