Unless otherwise noted, projects are due by the beginning of Tuesday's class of the week listed.

In case you are curious, this page is set up to remember what checkboxes you click provided you access this page from the same browser and computer (and don't clear your browser cache). So, check off assignments as you do them to keep track of what you've done!

Wk. Date Topic Readings Projects/exams
1 Jan. 24, 26 HTML + Server side basics Git Codecademy course
PHP Codecademy course
Command line Codecademy course
HTML+CSS Codecademy course
2 Jan. 31, Feb. 4 Server-side state Cookies (Wikipedia)
PHP cookies (w3schools)
PHP sessions (w3schools)
3 Feb. 7, 9 Client-side state HTML5 Local Storage (w3schools)
4 Feb. 14, 16 Authentication Authentication (OWASP)
Password storage (
5 Feb. 21, 23 RESTful APIs REST (wikipedia)
Exam 1 (2/21)
Feb. 28 No class—Faculty/student internship conferences
6 Mar. 2 RESTful APIs (cont'd)
7 Mar. 7, 9 AJAX, Single page applications jQuery Codecademy course
Mar. 11–19 No class—Spring break
8 Mar. 21, 23 Databases SQL Codecademy course
FP.1 (Thur., 3/23)
9 Mar. 28, 30 Frameworks Web frameworks (wikipedia)
Exam 2 (3/28)
10 Apr. 4, 6 Security Web security (wikipedia)
XSS (wikipedia)
SQL injection (wikipedia)
DOS attack (wikipedia)
11 Apr. 11, 13 Testing/Debugging Selenium
12 Apr. 18, 20 Advanced topics
13 Apr.25, 27 Review
14 May 2, 4 Wrapping up Exam 3 (5/4)
May 9 Final Presentations in LSB 312, 10:15am–12:15pm FP.3
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Most Tuesdays will begin with a short quiz concentrating on the material covered the previous week in class and from the readings. Paper notes may be used, but no electronic resources. There will be no quizzes during weeks with exams. Not all quizzes will necessarily be graded.


Each week there will be a short homework. Each will consist of two parts: questions based on the readings from that week (these will be submitted via Canvas), and continuations of code we worked on in class (these will be submitted via GitLab). These will generally be due before Tuesday's class.

Final project

The Final project (FP) consists of three major milestones.

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