DateTopicAssignments due
Sep. 5 Course overview; brainstorming
Sep. 12 Library resources; Lit. review Meet in the Wax Auditorium at 1:50pm HW 1
Sep. 19 What is achievable in Thesis II; Presentations HW 2
Sep. 26 Brainstorming in your area; Summary presentations HW 3
Oct. 3 Informal presentations of Topic Summaries; How to start your thesis HW 4
Oct. 10 Formal presentations of Topic Summaries HW 5
Oct. 17 Formal presentations continued
Oct. 24 What is a research proposal? HW 6
Oct. 31 Draft presentations HW 7
Nov. 7 Draft presentations continued HW 8
Nov. 14 Presentations of modified Proposed Solution section HW 9
Nov. 21 Discussion: drafts of lit. reviews and research proposals HW 10
Nov. 28 No class—Thanksgiving break
Dec. 5 Practice presentations HW 11
Dec. 12 Practice presentations continued Final document
Dec. 19 Final presentations (1–3pm in LSB 212) Final presentation
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All assignments are due before the start of class the due date (by 1:59pm) unless otherwise noted.


Thesis materials

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